Corrupt Justice In Canada

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Judge Walker

Judge Walker

To: Chief Judge of BC
1. This is a complaint regarding the conduct of Justice Walker in regards to 24888-1 and 24888-2.

2. She has repeatedly refused to recuse herself despite repeatedly showing great bias, denying every opportunity to answer the charges with a full defence, suborning perjury and conspiring with Crown and the RCMP to conceal RCMP and Crown misconduct. In addition repeatedly refusing to hear my Charter applications in regards to her repeated refusal to allow disclosure, her misleading a unrepresented accused and what I consider bold faced lies to justify facilitating police and crown corruption and repeated perjury. In addition knowing full well my blood pressure was at critical level ordered myself to stand in line to supposedly set a court date knowing full well it could not be done. Knowing after I repeatedly informed her there was no way a date could be set as no one knew her schedule or Crown's schedule. Crown and Judge Walker to committed Aggravated Assault and I would submit Torture in an obvious attempt to cause either a heart attack or stroke. I had just finished providing medical evidence of my condition and the fact my condition after a beating from the Sheriff department and forcible ejection from the court house with them laughing and telling myself to never come back again. The court has for over three years used the Sheriff department to harass, intimidate and humiliate myself including during a physical search grab my penis so viciously I had to go to urologist for internal bleeding. Multiple strip searches during the day. Despite repeated attempts to find out why I alone was being targeted, being told it "is none of my business".
3. When Crown and Judge Walker conspired to disallow further cross examination of Cpl. Shimanke knowing full well I had not finished and wanted to bring all the issues that were brought up during her questioning including being caught in a bold faced lie that Crown was fully aware was a bold faced lie. Both Crown and the Judge to limit the impact and again deny myself to prove she lied in other testimony made a court appearance with the use of a telephone having the JP call my office. There was no need to subject myself to this brutal assault. There is no way either party could claim they were not aware of my condition, not aware further time in the court house would cause further harm. They also both very aware no date could be set and sending myself to stand in line had no purpose other than to do harm. Revolting, tyrannical and absolutely criminally corrupt behavior.

4. She is in my opinion guilty of suborning perjury, breach of trust and other breaches of the criminal code. This trial is supposed to be in regards to my opinion of the RCMP, brought on by the RCMP yet I am denied access to 2500 pages of documents in regards to my dealings with the RCMP. The only charges and conviction is in regards to Uttering Threats and Harassing phone calls. It is clear my words contained no threat of violence and I clearly identify myself. The person bringing the charges was not even the person the words that contained no threat was directed to.

5. The words were directed to another party the husband but I was convicted supposedly because the wife felt afraid for her husband. So the conviction was not based on fact but what was going on in the mind of another person. A person chosen by Crown and the RCMP because her profession was based a scam that required deception, lies and the ability to pick the best vulnerable targets usually seniors. Her profession practiced primarily in the US mortgage scams has brought the entire world to near collapse and bankruptcy. Crown and the RCMP chose their liar well but in order to succeed in convicting a man for not what he said or did but what went on in the mind or one well versed in deceit but caught bold faced lying by the evidence presented in the court needed corrupt Justices to declare such bold faced lies simply as resiling. Bernie Madoff needed such Judges in his trial. Billion dollar scam but to the people who lost their live savings and were forced to go back to work after retiring sometimes in menial jobs this was not a man resiling it was criminal committing a terrible fraud. But in Prince George according to Crown this person essentially in the same business of fraud is simply having trouble with her English although she could teach English and is and has been a paralegal working in the English language for over twenty years.

6. To be repeatedly found guilty for not what was said but what supposedly went on in the mind of a fraudster is criminal enough but you have to throw out a little under 800 years of due process since the signing of the Magna Carter to convict a person on the word of what is in anothers person mind let along who lies for a living. Add to this the person was found to be perjuring herself repeatedly during the trial. I call it perjury. A corrupt judge calls it resiling. Corrupt judge how dare I speak such words! The individual Catherine Valcourt was operating a mortgage scam based on the same principle that brought down the entire world economy. Threw thousands of British Columbians out of work. Nearly bankrupted many nations. A TRILLION dollar scam based on greed, avarice and clearly a scam that was illegal in Canada. Her entire business for which she had no license of any kind to operate because it is an illegal enterprise was based on a lie. Her business was based entirely on lies and deception. This scam originally designed by a Canadian in the US was originally designed to target the elderly as they were easier targets and had more invested in their homes. A scam designed to rob the elderly their golden years and forcing many back to work after losing their homes.

7. If you were looking for a person to conspire against an individual who had laid numerous complaints against both the RCMP and Crown in regards to misconduct. Who better than one whose work involves a despicable scam that nearly bankrupted the entire world economy and targeted the most vulnerable. Or course you would want an individual in such a conspiracy to have no scruples or problem telling bold faced lies to the court. A practiced liar. Both Crown and Judge Brecknell calls her lies resiling. Lara Vizsolyi says this paralegal operating in Canada and in English for over 20 years and correcting my English several times in Court was not lying but having trouble with the language. A person operating again one of most onerous scams the world has seen. An ordinary citizen would find it easier to believe a pedophile, murderer or bank robber rather than a person involved in a trillion scam that in all the centuries had no greater impact on the global economy. Crown Lara Vizsolyi says covering up perjury is allowed as our justice system is adversarial. Perhaps in Nazi Germany but not in a democratic society. In my previous complaints against Justice Brecknell I was kind in stating such a position was one of bias but after suffering repeatedly at the hands of Judge Walker and seeing a clear pattern of deliberate calculated agenda of denying any information that shows the RCMP witness is guilty of perjury along with denying my request to subpoena Catherine Valcourt the travesty of justice is not bias but criminal misconduct. There is an individual Judge Walker refers to as member of the public and thus none of my business who he is, what his purpose is, who he works for and what influence he has in the court. He is in the court most days and I believe he is there to ensure the judge repeatedly refuses my request for disclosure and stops my questioning of the RCMP when it going badly for them. For all I can tell he is directing the entire process from behind my back. But as with the sheriff misconduct every day his presence and purpose is "none of my business". This is not bias but a systematic pattern of clear corruption. Conspiracy to cover up RCMP, Crown and Judicial Misconduct and Corruption.
8. Judge Walker started off this trial with denying every subpoena I brought to bring in regards RCMP members I had complaints against. Every subpoena in regards RCMP members failure to investigate crimes and incidences of threats of violence including the use of explosives in regards to threats against myself, my wife, my business and against my employee's. Prince George is Canada's most violent city despite the RCMP and Crown deliberately and maliciously falsifying evidence and calls for assistance. Denied my subpoena to bring to the court Oleh Kuzma who as Regional Crown Counsel had several meetings with myself over complaints I sent to the Premier of the Province Gordon Campbell. Complaints about repeated failure of Crown to hold the RCMP accountable for what I consider as torture and murder in the Clayton Wiley case. Other in custody deaths and shooting and two cases were my family and business were targeted with violence and threats and nothing was done. No charges laid. Oleh stated no charges were laid because I was over 6 feet tall when attacked by drug dealers beside a neighbouring business. They were armed with a pitch fork and an axe. After three years of trying to get information from the Freedom of Information Act I get the excuse no charges were laid because I was walking my dog an alleged pit bull. The attack took place not in their yard but behind a business they were extorting power from as theirs had been turned off by Hydro. The dog was sitting on the side of the road probably 50 yards from the altercation. When the two attacked she did not want any part of confrontation. Crown disclosure is a complete lie and further proof or a conspiracy. These people had explosive charges against them when they threatened to blow up my business. When a bomb was found across the street at a Auto Supply Store they had repeatedly robbed and were banned from entering, dynamite again was found on the premise. Despite having conditions to stay away from my business they repeatedly broke those conditions by coming to my business threatening and taunting my employee's through the front windows. Accosting myself twice. Once on the Court House steps and once behind the court house with screw driver where instead resorting to violence I simply photographed the threat. Still no charges. Earlier my house was robbed, wife threatened and I was bear maced by youth offender. Freedom of information excuse this time was the assault was at his home. The assault and threats were in fact on the highway three blocks from his home his parents paid for to keep him away. I was going through industrial garbage containers for evidence. I paid 500 dollars reward to find out who robbed my home. My gun safe is later found hidden outside his residence. No charges. I do have a newspaper clipping as he is now or had a Canada Wide Warrant for his arrest AGAIN. No surprise there. Again my defense includes these trials were not because what I did was unlawful as it was an attempt by the RCMP and Crown to silence a nagging critic of their conduct. All these complaints were at least a year before charges were laid against myself.

9. Other examples of RCMP not responding is I call in regards to a daylight robbery where the individual attacks myself repeatedly with a piece of copper pipe with my Service Manager standing behind me and a business owner across the alley witnessing the repeated attack. RCMP either because I have laid complaints against their members in the past or in a deliberate attempt to lower their crime stats label the call as one made by a EDP. Emotionally disturbed Person? EDP is a term used by the oppressive corrupt to describe people who have the balls to complain when they witness a democratic society committing Crimes Against Humanity on its own citizens. President of Advanced Industrial Group repeatedly attacked in front of multiple witnesses. There are multiple calls recorded as such. History has repeatedly shown corrupt despotic police, governments and, judiciary attempting deflect critics by labeling them as crazy.

10. Judge Walker states she cannot allow myself access to these members because of the Canada Evidence Act. Again the RCMP want a weapons prohibition on a individual whose has been repeatedly critical of them from everything from sexual assault of his daughters to threats to assault myself for complaining about the assaults.

11. If I am critical of the RCMP and they want to claim my allegations are baseless and I should have a weapons ban because my allegations are baseless I am entitled to make full answer and defense because of the Stinchcombe disclosure decision. Not only did Judge Walker handcuff my defense she deliberately attempted to mislead a layperson about the law. She lied so she could cover up misconduct both by Crown and the RCMP. She allows the RCMP to make outrageous allegations about my mental health without allowing myself to defend myself. How is it we can torture our citizens for fun using a taser until death occurs and it is the one that complains that is Emotionally Depressed. It is only real men and women who are strong mentally have the capacity of torture. I disagree and as would any sane person in this country expect perhaps our leaders who turn a blind eye to such atrocities.

12. Judges maybe immune to civil liability but not criminal liability when they facilitate criminal activity by themselves or with others.

13. Breach of trust by public officer
122 Every official who, in connection with the duties of
his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of
an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for
term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud
or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed
in relation to a private person.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 111
14. Concealing the fact I am entitled to relevant disclosure under Stinchcombe. After I make a application for Breach of my Charter Rights, Stinchcombe being one of the Breaches and her repeatedly refusing to hear my application she has repeatedly denied disclosure under the guise it is not relevant. Video of my beating by RCMP members in the lockup after a false arrest and repeated denial of medical attention and repeated denial to access to my medications for diabetes and high blood pressure despite in the RCMP words myself exhibiting signs of a diabetic going into a condition that leads to coma and death. In fact refusing to release my medication on my release. Not relevant she says to my belief of RCMP misconduct. A beating during my release because they are frustrated and having nothing in regards to performing their duties. A beating in fact during the commission of a robbery by the RCMP. I was counting my cash and complaining I was not given the opportunity to count when they took it from me. Beating myself in a commission of a robbery as they forced myself out of the RCMP facility without my medication required to regulate my high blood pressure and diabetes. The had removed all my medication from my home and withheld it from me. It is my opinion she and other Judges like her are directly responsible for the brutality of the RCMP against the Canadian Public. The RCMP bragged after my beating that I can complain all I want nothing will happen. They are untouchable. They are untouchable because as in this case the Judge has found all RCMP misconduct not relevant. I could have a video of the RCMP gang raping a six year girl and Judge Walker would rule it inadmissible. If she is willing to disallow RCMP withholding medical attention and the persons own prescriptions needed to keep himself alive she will disallow anything and EVERTHING. And she has. Again reminds me of Fascist Germany.

Fraudulent concealment
341 Every one who, for a fraudulent purpose, takes, obtains,
removes or conceals anything is guilty of an indictable
offence and liable to imprisonment for a term
not exceeding two years.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 301

False pretence
361 (1) A false pretence is a representation of a matter
of fact either present or past, made by words or otherwise,
that is known by the person who makes it to be
false and that is made with a fraudulent intent to induce
the person to whom it is made to act on it.
15. She is also guilty of fraud. She has robbed me of three years of my life fighting for my basic human right to a fair and impartial hearing which she has repeatedly denied. She has robbed and defrauded me financially by not allowing myself to work and being held unlawfully at the court house for a application based on perjured evidence and testimony of the officer swearing the affidavit. She has been the party to the offence by denying disclosure of the materiel to prove more perjured testimony then has already been proven. The officer repeatedly states she knew where a half dozen firearms not accounted for during the raid on my home where. But her own report over a month after the seizure shows she had no idea where they were. It was a fax to Crown stating how could the RCMP claim I should have no firearms when they do not investigate when half a dozen rifles are not accounted for. Crown warned Cpl. Shimanke her I would bring this up, yet she still continued to bold face lie in court until faced with the documents in her own writing that she in fact had no idea if I still had possession of other firearms not seized in the first raid. Documents the Judge would have disallowed in disclosure. Documents Judge Walker conspired to deny to cover up perjury. When faced with irrefutable evidence the officer states she did not investigate because I was obnoxious. She was clearly caught lying to the court and admitted she did not to talk to me about the missing weapons because I was obnoxious. Now Judge Walker even though faced with irrefutable evidence of perjury she states she has not made her mind up and continues to deny disclosure that would allow me to prove other blatant cases of perjury. Crown being fully aware of the officer lying having been seen my previous fax and obviously a party to the offence of perjury in working with the officer to try and minimize the impact. We now have the Judge herself suborning perjury by blatantly ignoring the irrefutable evidence. And when I say to her I am not finished cross examining the officer as I wish to further prove her perjury she excuses the member anyway, further denying my right to full answer and defense. She is blatantly and maliciously interfering with my right to fully cross examine the prosecution chief witness. She is willfully participating in a malicious prosecution of an individual for his complaints against the RCMP and Crown in the city of Prince George. The most dangerous city in Canada. If it's not the RCMP forcing sex on underage girls it is the Judges. (Judge Ramsay) I hired lawyer Ramsay before he was a Judge in regards to RCMP misconduct. He was no fan of the RCMP and he paid the price. I firmly believe the only reason he was not protected from his excesses was he was not toadying up to the RCMP and protecting them from the RCMP excesses. Excesses being criminal activity usually of a sexual nature if not pulling in some hapless fellow and tasering them to death while handcuffed and hog tied. A popular past time in Prince George.
16. On the subject of tasering, Judge Walker stopped my cross examination e as soon as the member stated emphatically she could repeatedly taser any individual for any length of time and no harm would come to the person she is essentially torturing for what other reason is there to repeatedly taser or apply electric shock to bound and helpless individual. She stopped the questioning I expect because of the frantic waving by the one she refers to a member of the public (a designate to promote and protect the right of the current administration to commit Crimes of Humanity against anyone they please to even if it's for the simply amusement of the ones torturing the poor soul) I am confident I am paying his wages through my city taxes on my home, my business my employee contributions, general tax and corporate tax. So he also can participate in this malicious prosecution covering some three years. Judge Meilken of the Supreme laughed at myself for suggesting there is collusion between the RCMP, Crown and the Judges. As a man whose daughters were sexually assaulted repeatedly by a RCMP member and in court I had to endure my seven year old daughter being accused of being responsible for the attacks by seducing an adult and the Crown and sitting Judge not stopping or even suggesting stopping or even a simple objection to a revolting , obscene attack on a minor child already suffering and now being humiliated and blamed for something that no child should have to try and defend themselves against. What Canadian in his right mind would find that amusing I find no humour at all in Judge Meilken's view that there is no collusion when he himself even though he clearly admits my statements were not threatening violence but he upheld my conviction based on the testimony of Catherine Valcourt to whom the statement were not even made to and for all intents and purposes stated she complainted because she was mad her scam failed in regards to getting money out of my wife and myself. And again her job demanded she lie, cheat, mislead her victims as her entire business was a fraud. Worldwide a TRILLION dollar fraud. You have to ignore 800 years of due process since the Magna Carter to convict a person for not what he has done or said but for what goes on in another's mind. A person who has participated in the largest fraud since the dawn of time and who has been repeatedly found to be perjuring herself in her testimony. But of course in a corrupt, morally bankrupt, despotic justice system when she is repeatedly caught by other evidence to be bold faced lying is simply resiling. No collusion my GOD. How in the world can we take a man and repeatedly physically punch and kick a man, drag him face down on the pavement. Hog tie him so he cannot defend himself in any manner whatsoever. Then two heavy officers sit on him and repeatedly apply electric shock until dead. How does Gordon Campbell, Stephen Harper and the mayor of Prince George sleep at night knowing their Police are torturing men to death. Let's not forget the Queen herself as Crown works in her name has turned a blind eye to clear contravention of Crimes Against Humanity and the War Crimes Act. The War I suppose the one being waged by Campbell and Harper against the citizens of Prince George. Not only once to these officers get a free hand of torture for fun sake but a second round again. Judge Brecknell stays a charge but this is no more than practice of the Police laying of charge of Assaulting a Police Officer in regards to a person repeatedly and forcibly strucking histesticles against the boot of the police officer. Same thing, charges laid for resisting torture. Again a bound man being tasered who is no threat to the officers or the public as he is handcuffed. The Police, Crown and Courts simply have a good laugh at once again the poor saps who are tortured for the amusement of the RCMP protected from prosecution from Crown and the likes of Judge Walker, Judge Meiklem, Judge Brecknell and Judge O'Byrne. Judge Chamberlist comes into this picture but in regards to a civil matter so I will not put him in the same category of those who deliberately Obstructed Justice by denying disclosure, due process and access to counsel. See how torture is treated by the RCMP, Crown and the Courts here.

17. When again cross examining Cpl. Shimanke I ask her if all citizens who object to government policies should have their firearms seized and she stated yes. When I say 6 million dead Jews might disagree and I suspect with the help of frantic arm waving from our resident none of my business consultant for the Save our Criminals of Human Depravity Judge Walker stops the questioning. I cannot really see what the individual in the back of the courtroom is doing but I am certainly feeling in a democratic country where my taxes are paying for this person to partake in my malicious persecution I am entitled to know from what agency he belongs to. Not his name and address just his position for sake of clear, clean record for the history books and MY RIGHT to file a Freedom of Information request from whatever public agency he is working for. Judge Walker rules that whether or not a Police Officer believes a citizen in Canada is entitled to disagree with the government and GOD forbid vote for another party is not entitled to hunt and provide for this family is not a relevant question. Again any question or evidence that puts a less then shiny light on the RCMP is NOT RELEVANT. Or perhaps she really meant Six Million Dead Jews is not really a bad thing or perhaps a thing that did not really happen and Hitler was just really misunderstood. This might explain why it appears our police, Crown and Judicial System has found nothing wrong with torturing men to death for sport using electric shock. The reason I keep referring to Fascist Germany where an entire country turned a blind eye to horrendous atrocities against its citizens. Much like the situation here.
18. Let's not forget to include the Coroner and the government of the day ensuring in any coroners hearing the general public can find no fault and no wrong doing. How many corrupt Coroners have sent innocent parties to jail for crimes that simply did not happen. How many hundreds of years have innocent Canadians spent incarcerated for this corruption. How many coroners have had to face justice? None that I know of. There is a conspiracy to protect all those who work in the Injustice System. Again Judge Meiklem go laugh at those individuals who lost so much of their lives behind bars. How many Coroners have ruled excited delirium kills not repeated beatings, men sitting on your chest so you cannot breath and repeatedly shocking you so they can feel better for themselves.
19. I think it is pretty clear the RCMP can pick up just about anybody for no lawful reason and repeatedly apply electric shock so I suggest the following test. Take any 10 judges and hook them up to a blood pressure monitor and put them through what exactly Clayton Wiley went through in Prince George. Now if their blood pressure goes through the roof remember this must not be from the repeated beatings, the confinement, the inability to breath or the repeated shocks to the chest at 50,000 volts. (I work with electricity and it takes half an amp to kill you. A camera battery has sufficient amperage but not the voltage. 120 volts can kill so to state 50,000 volts is safe is a criminally fraudulent piece of crap. Back to our Judges having the time of their lives. I am confident 4 out of ten would suffer some sort heart attack or stroke from excited delirium that would not have anything to do with drugs. I am not really suggesting we take ten people of any profession and subject them to torture and death but WHY are the people who are entrusted with duty to protect both our democratic rights but also our most basic of human rights allowing the practice of torture to continue to flourish in Canada. Why is such a conspiracy allowed. It has to be approved at the highest level of government. But is certainly being approved in 24888-1 and 24888-2 by Judge Walker by repeated interference in my cross examining of Cpl. Shimanke and quashing any questioning of the issues the RCMP want surpressed..
20. Are we now seeing a pattern. Sheriffs repeatedly harassing humiliating, assaulting, and denying counsel,. Judges humiliating and ignoring a little under 800 years of due process. Judges cover up Crimes Against Humanity which makes them a Party to an Offence makes them just as guilty. Crown covering up perjury, justifying perjury and in every step of the way ensuring again Crimes Against Humanity and just old fashion police brutality is allowed to flourish if not encouraged. The court in conspiracy with the RCMP and Crown have attempted to silence a long term critic of their actions.
21. Even though this application was originally based on my refusing to pay the Valcourts their fraudulent monies they had the audacity to sue for in court and their complaint to circumvent the civil process through a conspiracy with the RCMP, Crown and the court Judge Walker refused to allow myself to subpoena Catherine Valcourt to this hearing. Why would her testimony not be relevant? It is relevant but if you desperately need to cover up the fact Catherine Valcourt was repeatedly caught perjuring herself and I was convicted despite this then you need to fraudulently deny such a subopeana to protect both Judge Brecknell and Judge Meiklem. I never called Catherine Valcourt back after evidence was uncovered in the criminal trial that she was bold faced lying. I saw no point in calling here back when the evidence was so compelling. I had no reason to believe the Courts were Corrupt or corrupt at all to the point they would call perjury resiling and ignore the other evidence I uncovered. Catherine Valcourt dropped her lawsuit before a Civil Judge could reach a decision however it is not inconceivable he could have ruled in her favour. Making this revolting, disgusting unconscionable process even more outrageous. However we are still not done. Both in the criminal trial and in this Application Crown insists on bringing up Judge Chamberlist decision in a civil application. Again Crown is allowed to produce all the evidence it cares to. I want to bring in the other party and she denies me saying of course it is not relevant and she is not going to get into the Judge Chamberlist case but she already has by allowing the Crown to introduce what they wish to introduce but then handcuff me to the table and have their way with me but not allowing AGAIN to make full answer and defense. It is outrageous and I can no longer this matter rest.
22. The Judge Chamberlist Travesty. My wife had a business down town in a leased building and a fire starting in an adjacent building burned down her business. There have been many fires in Prince George and many business's never come back after being fraudulently dealt with by the adjusters and insurance company. It is my opinion SOME adjusters try and make a name for themselves and thus generate more business from insurance companies by fraudulent means or simply trade practices that would be considered unconscionable by the general public. Our society runs on money. Straight and simple Whether you're a lawyer or a President of a Corporation money is key. Now you can make an honest buck or a dishonest buck. Unfortunately in the insurance business it is the what I call contractors who work with the fraudulent adjusters that make the most money. It is because they deliver exactly what the adjuster wants and needs to make him or her look good for the insurance company. It is a concept not hard to grasp. A middle school student can grasp such a concept. They could also grasp the concept that no Judge or Court should be assisting or facilitating a fraudulent action by another. Courts DO NOT assist in committing fraud or other criminal activity. In this case I as a layperson took the insurance company to court, the adjuster, the company hired by the adjuster to clean and bring back to whole my wife's belonging that were damaged in the fire. I also brought an action against a subcontractor he used to fix or repair my wife's electronics such as printers, computers etc. After the fire we had them looked at by an electronics expert before the adjuster got a hold of them. We had his report. Not all the equipment was non repairable. However every piece he stated could not be repaired was continually returned to my wife as fixed but continued to fail. A business relies on a printer to print invoices, receipts etc. My wife had a day spa and clients in and out all day. Her belongings were being returned to a day spa still reeking of smoke. She could not print her receipts, she was continually having to apologize to her clients and it was causing her great stress but what caused myself the most stress was the bold faced fraudulent report from the subcontractor that the laptop was not damaged in the fire but was broke previously because there was a crack in the front plastic. The laptop was rescued dripping wet by no other then the fire chief in town during the fire. It reeked of smoke and was drenched. I managed to remove the hard drive and retrieve the information from the drive before it failed completely. I know computers. The electronics expert could not retrieve the information. Computers and electronics are two separate trades. A computer is like a recording machine. It tracks everything. It knows when one file is accessed, what file is modified down to the second. So when this fraudster stated he was clairvoyant and could speak to God to determine when this crack occurred and what damage this caused internally a middle school child again would understand. BULL SHIT. I presented all this evidence to the contractor First Choice TV & Stereo repair. Now note I put his name in print and this letter also goes to the Internet so Mr Tran can sue if he wishes for libel or slander and maybe at that time I might be able to have legitimate court decision. So first choice tells me to take a hike, then the contractor High Tech told me to take a hike along with the adjuster and the insurance company. They must have known that is legal to have a fraudulent business in town that only requires you to leave your scruples, integrity and being morally bankrupt as well helps. All this is possible if you are doing this service for the billion dollar insurance companies. At least this is the decision of Judge Chamberlist. First my wife is hit with a fire from another business, then she is taken advantage of group whose only duty is to make money for the insurance company in any way shape or form legal or not legal because the courts will protect from litigation. Not only will they protect them they will punish those who have the audacity to complain. In his ruling and remember while I attend court, civil or criminal the Sheriff department seeks me out at this time to strip me naked a couple times a day and peer where no other man should peer. Judge Chamberlist talks to the opposing lawyer as if I am not even in the room about how bad my action is. He rules since there is no contract between First Choice and my wife they can do whatever they care to in regards to causing her damages and she has to suck it up. Then to add insult to injury he not only hits her with costs but with special costs. Considering I am having to strip naked to have to appear before Judge Chamberlist and be insulted continually this action went nowhere as I tried to defend myself against the bogus criminal charges. His demeanor towards me did seem to change somewhat for the better in another hearing, perhaps he seen videos of me naked who knows. The bottom line is he facilitated blatant criminal fraud and punished my wife with extra costs for daring to challenge the system. We lost our house paying for damages from the fire the insurance company never paid. She eventually quit doing business down town the financial strain being too much. Everyone on our action profited from my wife's misfortune and no one is held accountable. Even the sheriffs profited, getting to see me naked twice as often and again it is none of my business why. How is it one can operate an illegal business or operate a legal business illegally and have the courts encourage and in fact reward them for their contract. It is unconscionable. Now Judge Chamberlist rudeness to me hardly would warrant a complaint to the Humans Rights tribunal nor would the strip searches before each hearing as I have no evidence he ordered the strip searches for the benefit of the opposing party again I am repeatedly told I have no right to complain or know why I am singled out. Maybe the name Le Francois strikes fear in BRITISH Columbia but until we become a bona fide democratic state I am not likely to find out for some time so I will not file a complaint myself against Judge Chamberlist at least until I find out if he did have influence for this outrageous behavior by the Sheriff department. I understand the concept of no contract but First Choice set out to deliberately with malice to defraud my wife and cause her damages. And again no Court should be facilitating criminal behavior regardless whether or not there is a contract. Judge Brecknell will face a human rights complaint in that regard to the sheriffs actions along with Crown and the Sheriff Department and the Solicitor General. No I will leave it up to my wife whether or not to make a human rights complaint against Judge Chamberlist as she was the one who suffered directly by his actions to legitimize the fraudulent actions taken by First Choice against her. Why is fraud okay by the insurance industry is it because they are a lawyers best friend in bringing in a revenue stream. What a coincidence? I will file a complaint however with the Chief Justice and now Judge Walker has opened this old wound once again. She further demonstrates that one can commit criminal fraud and not be held accountable if it's in the RCMP and courts best interest. The RCMP did admit in court they did not investigate my complaint of fraud. So one must ask what kind of system we have where the RCMP do not investigate crime and Crown and the Justices beat you financially for bringing the matter to court. My history has been to try and resolve my matters in a court of law despite being stripped of all human dignity in the court. There is no history of violence resolving matters outside the court. The only violence has been to defend myself against those who drive and drive a pick axe or pitch fork into myself. Crown has legitimized however such actions against one Larry Le Francois who has complained about Crown's complicity in RCMP brutality. So we have a one two punch here. Fraud causing my wife to lose her home and then a fraudster trying to remove from her any chance of every owning a home again participating again in a scam targeting the most vulnerable in our society. My wife being vulnerable because she was desperate to set thing right after the fire at her business caused us to lose our home and Judge Chamberlist decided those who challenged fraud in the insurance industry must be punished a second time with more financial loss this time as a result of the courts. My wife after experiencing Judge Chamberlist wrath was ripe pickings for Catherine Valcourt, her assertion she was real estate lawyer who was going to make life good for her once again. A pattern of the Court facilitating minor and major fraud in quick session against the same people. Only difference is Insurance is a billion dollar industry and the Real Estate fraud was a trillion dollar industry. As I stated earlier there is a pattern and the pattern is lots and lots of money. It is almost impossible to take on a insurance company under the current rules in the court system and when Judges make it impossible then I suppose that is a blatant Human Rights violation and may stand a test for a complaint especially when a pattern can be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. We have a right to be treated equally under the law. When a consumer commits fraud in a insurance they usually face a criminal investigation and a trial. When the insurance company commits fraud it is left as a civil matter and the insurance company has a tremendous advantage in civil court. When Judges assist in the committing of fraud there is chance of any justice whatsoever and I believe that to be a Human Rights Violation.

380 (1) Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other
fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretence
within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any
person, whether ascertained or not, of any property,
money or valuable security or any service,
(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a
term of imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years,
where the subject-matter of the offence is a testamentary
instrument or the value of the subject-matter of
the offence exceeds five thousand dollars; or
(b) is guilty
(i) of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment
for a term not exceeding two years, or
(ii) of an offence punishable on summary conviction,
where the value of the subject-matter of the offence
does not exceed five thousand

23. While on the topic of Human Rights Judge Walker described myself in court as vile or my propensity of complaining of RCMP misconduct especially in regards to sexual offences as vile. She has no right to judge myself as vile for pointing out the obvious. Most Canadians would consider her actions as vile for denying disclosure regarding RCMP sexual misconduct as not relevant when they are taking me to task for complaining about RCMP sexual misconduct. I hope that was not too hard to follow. She considers it vile I complain about the sexual assaults on my daughters by the RCMP. She considers it vile I complain about the a seven year old girl being portrayed as the person responsible for own assault for seducing the RCMP member. For Christ's Sake she would have no idea what being seductive would be. She is a seven year old child. But not one person, Judge or Crown objected to her being attacked on the stand for seducing an adult. I had to physically restrain my eleven year old daughter from assaulting defense counsel. He found this amusing. He would not have amused if I had not restrained her. She was trained in more then one martial art and had won many matches and metals. She would have put a real live beating on the pervert that would attack a seven year old girl already traumatized. I sometimes regret holding her back. It would have been the only justice served that day. So Judge Walker do not dare to call me vile. Do not call me vile for speaking about nine RCMP officers being investigated along with Judge Ramsay for having sex with minor girls with and without their consent. Do not call me vile for pointing the same evidence that convicted Judge Ramsay was available in regards to the RCMP or that the RCMP deliberately delayed the investigation as they routinely do so the members get a get out of trouble card for the investigation lasting more than a year under the RCMP Act. No such limit in a criminal charge so you have to have Crown's complicity to allow such acts to occur and continue to occur.Yes you can charge me with criminal libel but remember those 2500 pages of RCMP documents that proof this to be true you have so far been successful kept from myself as being not relevant. 2500 pages that should have released by the Freedom of Information Act YEARS ago. Wonder why. Vile you say, it does not matter when I finally get ahold of the materiel. I will lodge further complaints and document what you withheld as not relevant for as long as it takes. For I find your conduct revolting and vile. Do not call me vile for pointing out the RCMP taking a man for a ride and nearly beating him to death in the investigation of death of Mindy Tran. She died being brutally raped and murdered and the RCMP took the DNA evidence from the evidence locker. Took it home and washed out the DNA that would clearly convict the person responsible. Then they pushed onto the person directing the beating and the destruction of evidence with the investigator of the year award. No not call me vile for finding that revolting and unacceptable in any society. The killer still remains free and the courts and government remain quiet and continue to protect the RCMP and thus encourage the RCMP to continue on with such practices as protecting the rape and murder of seven year old girls. See; Judge Walker you yourself are even more responsible, repeatedly denying my ability to prove my case, protecting those who routinely commit Crimes against Humanity. What greater crime can there be then to brutally rape and murder a child and have the RCMP complicit in that murder and Crown and the Government of day doing absolutely nothing. Cowardice is not excuse or justification. Women continue to being sexually assaulted or at this point allegedly sexual assaulted in the RCMP lock up in Prince George. She is in for a hell of a ride considering the support the RCMP has from Crown and the Courts to protect and encourage such behavior. Behaviour is not the right word. Such atrocities. At least she is not seven years old. Judge Walker the RCMP bragged about how untouchable there are in this after my repeated assaults last year. Without your direct support of such brutality in denying myself even producing the materiel in court your actions will result in more citizens being subjected to the same brutality over and over and over again. If I had been granted my fair day in court I would have never suffered under the heel of the RCMP boot last year. Yours actions are those of a tyrant. As further described below
24. On the day I was to spend telling my side two sheriffs approached myself in the main hall of the court house and demanded I move to an area where there are no camera's for a search and I told them to search myself where I was and assumed the position. The humiliating and degrading position they have grown to love. They however refused and again threatened violence and demanded I move to an area where there are no camera coverage. I have been previously so violently grabbed on my penis I suffered internally bleeding for over a year. I considered this a further escalation of their harassment and a warning to keep my testimony free of testimony of police and sheriff misconduct. I moved to an area free and clear of any other people where a search could be conducted with plenty of room for all and there could be no legitimate reason for them not to search and I again assumed the position. They still refused to search there and again insisted I move to an area out of camera range. I refused and they demanded I leave the courthouse. I complied but as I was leaving they radioed that I was refusing to consent to a search and was leaving the courthouse which was a bold faced lie. I again stopped in an area free and clear of any other people and not far from the main door. They refused to search me there and then I was jumped by at least four people. Three sheriffs and another I could not indentify but was jumping at my back while the Sheriff Superintendent grabbed my left arm and attempted to bend my wrist to the point of breaking while another sheriff tried to break the right wrist. I more or less walked the group of them out the door while they continued to try and break both wrists. As we breached the front door they attempted to knock me to the ground and down the stairs. Shouting and laughing to never come back here again. My blood pressure goes critical when physically or sexually abused, funny how that works, no drugs required. In fact I have demonstrated this by bringing in a blood pressure meter and showing my blood pressure before being humiliated and searched by the Sheriff department and after. It usually takes most of the morning to get back to a safe level and if they again search in the afternoon I am near critical. This day after the assault I did not use my own meter I went to a location where I could get a reading in writing and it was the highest I have ever seen it. I faxed the court stating my condition was critical and would not be attending until I was able to get it under control and they got the sheriffs under control. (I do remember the exact wording but it clearly stated I was sick) I got a call I believe the next day from a court appointed legal counsel if I did not show up by eleven I would be arrested.
25. This important as this is an application hearing not a criminal hearing. The judge can simply choose to a make summary decision and I have repeatedly told her REGARDLESS of what her decision is I will appeal. You DO NOT hold me for two years, humiliate and degrade, insult and deny and opportunity for full answer and defense. Suborn Perjury, lie to me, mislead me. Insult the memory of the abuses my children have suffered for what!!!!!!!!!!! The weapons that were seized are hunting rifles and shotguns. I simply transferred ownership of the guns to my wife who picked them up from RCMP lockup. We are battling over an application to destroy guns I do not own. What we are battling is not the safety of the general public as I have clearly had access for all these years and any person in this city can get a firearm illegally if they choose to. What we are fighting over is my right to hunt for substance. Again if I had criminal intentions and being of sound mind and body I would not use one of my guns or my wife's. I would go out and get a throw away. But being of sound mind, having two daughters who work with me in town and one in the US Coast Guard in LA along with five grandchildren in Prince George I have no inclinations to act in a stupid criminal manner. I am not a thug, not a person that condones torture, denying medical attention or mediation to diabetics, I am the President of Advanced Industrial Group and we do not violate Human Rights but provide exceptional service to virutually every industry in the province. So why being of sound mind and body would I jeopardize all this. It is not my mind that is not sound, it is the Courts and their malicious prosecution and now Uttering Threats, the same criminal offence I was convicted of based on the twisted mind of a individual whose business again was based on defrauding the most vulnerable in our society and again driving the entire WORLD into economic chaos. Judge Walker threatened to send a ill man in need of medical attention and medication to jail when she in my opinion had no lawful reason to do so. Make a summary decision based on my not showing up to court but threaten to send me to jail? Outrageous but not outside the realm of a despotic system that condones murder and torture and other violations human rights. Now when Judge O'Byrne sent me to jail for being late to court on a charge that Crown had already stated they were not seeking jail time for he did so without allowing myself to speak to counsel and I believe I suffered a heart attack after the stress and not being provided with medication for my blood pressure and inadequate medication for my diabetes. What is the most important thing for a diabetic? Knowing his blood sugar. Not once was I allowed to check my blood sugar or given a meal that day. Next day I was offered a non diabetic breakfast but again I had no idea what my blood sugar was. So I did not sleep for over 36 hours, inadequate medication, no food and I started my first day of trial half dead. My doctor cannot tell me when I had the heart attack, just that one had occurred and the heart was damaged. NOW Judge Walker is threatening to put me back into that environment for WHAT. Defending my right to hunt? Refusing to put in a situation where the sheriffs can again assault me. My father in the last two years of his life all he wanted to do was go hunting and I could not do that for him. A veteran of the Korean War I did not have the heart to tell him that despite the sacrifices he made, the sacrifices his father made in the first and second world war, my service in the Canadian Armed Forces and the continued sacrifice of our Armed Forces we have been defeated at home by the World second largest scam. We have been under the illusion we live in a democratic society and send our soldiers to fight and die so others may have democracy while at home we have only the illusion. It was my father who suffered most by my inability to hunt. For that there is no forgiveness and I will fight this revolting travesty in whatever court, human rights tribunal, International Tribunal and the media for as long as I live and breath. This court has repeatedly had myself incarcerated or threatened incarceration for criticizing the human rights violations committed by the RCMP and Crown. Again you have to ignore the basic rights given back during the signing of the Magna Carter to convict a person who has done no harm and threatened no violence. Just a scam by scammer.So AGAIN Judge Walker has the right to make a arbitrary decision but I do not believe she has the right to put me in jail and again deny the right to counsel, medication and food. Her threat was baseless and intimidating and designed to strike fear. A person who has already suffered greatly in prison for being LATE to court has reasonable fear of his life and when a judge AGAIN threatens to send him back to prison for no lawful reason for staying home to protect his well being after being told while being assaulted by PEACE? Officers to never come back there again. In R V Le Francois you can be convicted by some else's own feelings of the situation. And I am not one of the world's greatest fraudsters and I had a real and rational fear for my life if sent back to an environment where my medical needs are not met. I have proven this by access to the prison records under the freedom of information act. So clearly and without a doubt Judge Walker uttered a threat to do not only physiological harm but physical harm. Come to think of it a Supreme Court Judge Adair made a veiled threat that I better not do not bring up the case of Mindy Tran in my submissions. Not sure why she felt it is reasonable to destroy evidence in the rape and murder of a seven year old girl but she clearly did not want myself to include it. I included it in relation to my daughters assault, the threats by the RCMP for laying the complaint and the judicial process in genera. Judge Adair did not make a directed threat but implied there would be consequences that made me fear that I could be jailed and again be put at risk for simply making full answer and defense to my appeal. Under R V Le Francois she is also guilty of Uttering Threats. I did have a real fear but I do not believe one should be held to such ridiculous standards to being responsible for what go ones in another person's mind but that is the court's decision and it is the court decision that you can be held accountable if the fear is real and the fear was real. So there at least two Judges breaking the Criminal Code as it stands under R V Le Francois.
26. So I am forced to attend court. I do mean forced under the threat of imprisonment. Judge Walker does not accept that I am not well despite her knowing full well I have situational blood pressure issues. She knows full well the further the Sheriff department pushes me the higher the pressure goes. She blames me for the incident in the court house and when I ask to present video of my repeated attempts to comply she of COURSE denies the request as it is NOT RELEVANT. You think I would have caught on by now that anything that helps my case is not relevant and anything that helps the prosecution case is relevant but only up to the point the prosecution feels works for them. Any further that would prove what they have brought up would go in my favour then of course we stop there and go no further as it is NOT RELEVANT.
27. So I attend court before Eleven and of course am searched again and again the only one the entire court house again it is none of my business.
28. Judge Walker demands proof I am not well and demands regardless of my condition to return so I can again be humiliated and degraded in the court house and court room.
29. I do have my proof of my previous evening blood pressure and see my family physican who after seeing me sends me off for exhaustive tests. She determines my blood pressure is at a critical stage and I am at extreme risk of a further heart attack or a stroke. I am also set to the hospital for more tests and an EKG. She also feel s my condition now requires I now carry Nitro Glycerin for my heart but it would be of no use with Peace Officers breaking both wrists in the court room.
30. So I again return with proof I am critical condition but despite this Judge Walker insists I remain in the Court House until I speak with the JP that schedules trials. I clearly state to Judge Walker and Crown I am not well and in a critical condition and could have a heart attack or stroke and there is NO WAY on earth the JP can give me a court date. I clearly state sending me there to stand in line will have no purpose as she cannot give a date until the Judges schedule and Crown schedule is known because the JP does not care what my schedule is. Both the Judge and Crown knowing full well what I say is true and knowing full well the further stress being in the court could cause an immediate heart attack or stroke still insist and under the threat of imprisonment demand I comply and go stand in line.
31. I stand in line and when I can longer stand take a seat in the JP office and I believe asked to leave at one point then return. I am at the point of collapse and the JP of course tells me she cannot set a time because she does not know the Judges schedule or Crown schedule. This is no surprise just confirmation the Judge and Crown are playing games that are turning my kidneys to mush with my elevated pressure. The JP now tells me I must return on Friday and go through another humiliating and degrading search by the Sheriff department. I plead with her to fax or phone in the dates to my office.
32. She tells me to stay while she confers with Judge Walker and Judge Walker does not give her a date for a new trial but instructs the JP to insist I return for another round interaction with the Sheriff department to get my dates. However previously when the Judge and Crown wanted a separate hearing to deny my right to finish my cross examination of Cpl. Shimanke a phone call is perfectly fine. But a Judge and vindictive Crown want to maximize the damage to another human body the rules change.
33. I suspect Judge Walker and Lara Vizsolyi along with members of the Sheriff service we sitting in her chambers taking bets on whether I died from a heart attack or was left a driveling cripple from a stroke from them playing their dangerous game. It is no different then tasering for fun and amusement. To send a sick man who has just proved to the court how grave his condition is on a wild goose hunt knowing full well they are doing is causing real harm is criminal.
34. Crimes Against Humanity is why I am taking this Judge to the Human Rights Tribunal both in BC and Canada. Complaints of brutality to the BC Civil Liberties Association. Any other avenue I can come up with. Her actions are revolting. They are criminal. Here is a short list.
35. Breach of trust by public officer
36. 122 Every official who, in connection with the duties of
37. his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of
38. an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a
39. term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud
40. or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed
41. in relation to a private person.
43. Fraudulent concealment
44. 341 Every one who, for a fraudulent purpose, takes, obtains,
45. removes or conceals anything is guilty of an indictable
46. offence and liable to imprisonment for a term
47. not exceeding two years.
48. R.S., c. C-34, s. 301
50. False pretence
51. 361 (1) A false pretence is a representation of a matter
52. of fact either present or past, made by words or otherwise,
53. that is known by the person who makes it to be
54. false and that is made with a fraudulent intent to induce
55. the person to whom it is made to act on it.
57. Fraud
58. 380 (1) Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other
59. fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretence
60. within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any
61. person, whether ascertained or not, of any property,
62. money or valuable security or any service,
63. (a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a
64. term of imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years,
65. where the subject-matter of the offence is a testamentary
66. instrument or the value of the subject-matter of
67. the offence exceeds five thousand dollars; or
68. (b) is guilty
69. (i) of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment
70. for a term not exceeding two years, or
71. (ii) of an offence punishable on summary conviction,
72. where the value of the subject-matter of the offence
73. does not exceed five thousand dollars to Based on the 2500 documents in possession of the RCMP. She denied every application and access to any document that would all myself full
77. Misconduct of officers executing process (party to the offence)
78. 128 Every peace officer or coroner who, being entrusted
79. with the execution of a process, wilfully
80. (a) misconducts himself in the execution of the process,
81. or
82. (b) makes a false return to the process,
83. is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment
84. for a term not exceeding two years.
85. Perjury
86. 131 (1) Subject to subsection (3), every one commits
87. perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person
88. who is authorized by law to permit it to be made before
89. him a false statement under oath or solemn affirmation,
90. by affidavit, solemn declaration or deposition or
91. orally, knowing that the statement is false.
93. Witness giving contradictory evidence (party to the offence)
94. 136 (1) Every one who, being a witness in a judicial proceeding,
95. gives evidence with respect to any matter of fact
96. or knowledge and who subsequently, in a judicial proceeding,
97. gives evidence that is contrary to his previous
98. evidence is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to
99. imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years,
100. whether or not the prior or later evidence or either is
101. true, but no person shall be convicted under this section
102. unless the court, judge or provincial court judge, as the
103. case may be, is satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that
104. the accused, in giving evidence in either of the judicial
105. proceedings, intended to mislead.
107. Fabricating evidence (party to the offence)
108. 137 Every one who, with intent to mislead, fabricates
109. anything with intent that it shall be used as evidence in a
110. judicial proceeding, existing or proposed, by any means
111. other than perjury or incitement to perjury is guilty of an
112. indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term
113. not exceeding fourteen years
114. Obstructing justice
115. 139 (1) Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner
116. to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice in a judicial
117. proceeding,
118. (a) by indemnifying or agreeing to indemnify a surety,
119. in any way and either in whole or in part, or
120. (b) where he is a surety, by accepting or agreeing to
121. accept a fee or any form of indemnity whether in
122. whole or in part from or in respect of a person who is
123. released or is to be released from custody,
124. is guilty of
125. (c) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment
126. for a term not exceeding two years, or
127. (d) an offence punishable on summary conviction.
128. Idem
129. (2) Every one who wilfully attempts in any manner other
130. than a manner described in subsection (1) to obstruct,
131. pervert or defeat the course of justice is guilty of an indictable
132. offence and liable to imprisonment for a term
133. not exceeding ten years.
134. Public mischief (party to the offence)
135. 140 (1) Every one commits public mischief who, with
136. intent to mislead, causes a peace officer to enter on or
137. continue an investigation by
138. (a) making a false statement that accuses some other
139. person of having committed an offence;
140. (b) doing anything intended to cause some other person
141. to be suspected of having committed an offence
142. that the other person has not committed, or to divert
143. suspicion from himself;
144. Aggravated assault
145. 268 (1) Every one commits an aggravated assault who
146. wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers the life of the
147. complainant.
148. Unlawfully causing bodily harm
149. 269 Every one who unlawfully causes bodily harm to
150. any person is guilty of
151. (a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment
152. for a term not exceeding ten years; or
153. (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction and
154. liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding eighteen
155. months.
156. Torture
157. 269.1 (1) Every official, or every person acting at the instigation
158. of or with the consent or acquiescence of an official,
159. who inflicts torture on any other person is guilty of
160. an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a
161. term not exceeding fourteen years.
162. Definitions
163. (2) For the purposes of this section,
164. official means
165. (a) a peace officer,
166. (b) a public officer,
167. (c) a member of the Canadian Forces, or
168. (d) any person who may exercise powers, pursuant to
169. a law in force in a foreign state, that would, in Canada,
170. be exercised by a person referred to in paragraph (a),
171. (b), or (c),
172. whether the person exercises powers in Canada or outside
173. Canada; (fonctionnaire)
174. torture means any act or omission by which severe pain
175. or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally
176. inflicted on a person
177. (a) for a purpose including
178. (i) obtaining from the person or from a third person
179. information or a statement,
180. (ii) punishing the person for an act that the person
181. or a third person has committed or is suspected of
182. having committed, and
183. (iii) intimidating or coercing the person or a third
184. person, or (torture)
185. (b) for any reason based on discrimination of any
186. kind,
187. but does not include any act or omission arising only
188. from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.
190. Attempts, accessories
191. 463 Except where otherwise expressly provided by law,
192. the following provisions apply in respect of persons who
193. attempt to commit or are accessories after the fact to the
194. commission of offences:
195. (a) every one who attempts to commit or is an accessory
196. after the fact to the commission of an indictable
197. offence for which, on conviction, an accused is liable
198. to be sentenced to imprisonment for life is guilty of an
199. indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a
200. term not exceeding fourteen years;
201. (b) every one who attempts to commit or is an accessory
202. after the fact to the commission of an indictable
203. offence for which, on conviction, an accused is liable
204. to imprisonment for fourteen years or less is guilty of
205. an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a
206. term that is one-half of the longest term to which a
207. person who is guilty of that offence is liable;
209. Conspiracy
210. 465 (1) Except where otherwise expressly provided by
211. law, the following provisions apply in respect of conspiracy:
212. (a) every one who conspires with any one to commit
213. murder or to cause another person to be murdered,
214. whether in Canada or not, is guilty of an indictable offence
215. and liable to a maximum term of imprisonment
216. for life;
217. (b) every one who conspires with any one to prosecute
218. a person for an alleged offence, knowing that he did
219. not commit that offence, is guilty of an indictable offence
220. and liable
221. (i) to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten
222. years, if the alleged offence is one for which, on
223. conviction, that person would be liable to be sentenced
224. to imprisonment for life or for a term not exceeding
225. fourteen years, or
226. (ii) to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five
227. years, if the alleged offence is one for which, on
228. conviction, that person would be liable to imprisonment
229. for less than fourteen years;
231. 467.1 (1) The following definitions apply in this Act.
232. criminal organization means a group, however organized,
233. that
234. (a) is composed of three or more persons in or outside
235. Canada; and
236. (b) has as one of its main purposes or main activities
237. the facilitation or commission of one or more serious
238. offences that, if committed, would likely result in the
239. direct or indirect receipt of a material benefit, including
240. a financial benefit, by the group or by any of the
241. persons who constitute the group.

242. My last option is lay criminal charges privately but I may be able to resolve this through complaints through the human rights tribunal.
243. I have made previous complaints to the Chief Judge office and basically the issues were ignored.
244. Plato before the birth Christ if he existed was able to figure you cannot have justice if a person judges himself and or an organization judges themselves. Men are simply too self serving. This is no different than with legal profession which by my experience can operate more like a criminal organization See.;
245. Not all lawyers are crooks or corrupt nor all Corporation Presidents Emotionally Depressed Persons, only those diagnosed by the RCMP I suppose. I trust the lawyer I deal with in regards to real estate and business. I trust him implicitly and I know him to be a man of honour and integrity My experience in the courts have not been anything but one of trust and or one of honour or integrity.
246. I am going to see if I can file a human rights complaint on the fact the government allows the RCMP to investigate itself. I am going to see if I can file a human rights complaint to see if the system of Judges judging is just as obscene and proven to be woefully inadequate and repeatedly shown to deny basic human rights such as the right not to wrongly convicted and maliciously prosecuted
247. Lastly let make this perfectly clear. This complaint has nothing to do with trying to influence Judge Walker's decision. If she had decided not to approve the application I would still have appealed on the fact she held me for three years and repeatedly denied disclosure. If I had been granted disclosure this would have died in the first week. As I stated I will appeal regardless. I will spend my time attacking the judicial system rather than hunting especially in the light the system has already done its greatest harm robbing my father of his last few years doing what he loved the most. Going out with his son and family hunting. I stood convicted before any trial over three years ago.
Larry Le Francois

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