Corrupt Justice In Canada

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Click on the Unbalanced scales of Justice to view my beating at the local Prince George Detachment on my release. I repeatedly assaulted during my unlawful arrest in which my left shoulder was serverely damaged. It is clear at no time was I resisting before, during or after my arrest. I was denied medical attention and access to my diabetic medication even though they had the medication at the lockup. The video shows a RCMP member deliberately targeting my injured shoulder is his frustation of not being to continue unlawfully detain a citizen known to be vocal about RCMP Brutality in the City of Prince George BC.

I chose the poppy theme for the web page as my family has fought in every major conflict Canada has been involved in up to the Afganistan War. They have fought and bled to defeat Tyranny abroad and our soldiers continue to die in foreign lands defending the rights of others.

Back here in Canada the rights of Canadians are routinely breached with no accountability by the RCMP, Crown and the Judges in our courts and in the streets.

RCMP destroy evidence of child killers then give themself investigator the year award. They handcuff, hogtie then repeatedly taser a bound man until dead. Crown finds this perfectly acceptable behaviour. The list is substantial. These revolting cases will be detailed in separate pages and I would ask visitors to the Web Site to leave your comments in our attached blog.

The Author has quietly in the past tried to hold both the RCMP and Crown accountable for malicious conduct against his family and business. For this he has been targeted by the RCMP and Crown. Beaten and robbed by the RCMP. Beaten and tossed out the Court House and told to never come back, then threatened the next day with a bench warrant if I did not return for one might assume more of the same. I am never given an explanation why all the extra attention by the Sheriffs or Public Paid mystery men also overseeing the court procedures and again I am told I have no right to know who they are and why there are there. I can only assume since the majority of my complaints have been about sexual misconduct of RCMP members this brutality is a their way of trying to encourage my silence and compliance. A conspiracy of the RCMP, Crown Sheriff Department and the Court to surpress RCMP and Crown misconduct.
My answer to that is this Web Space and attached Blogs.

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This Web site details the despicable and revolting state of the Judicial System in British Columbia. The attached blog asks it readers to comment of the current state corruption with the RCMP, Crown and Justices in BC.

The Web site will also be a forum from which the writer will file complaints against RCMP, Crown and a group of Justicies in the City of Prince George.

Under the present circumstances these complaints are buried, the investigations are fraudulent and the results pitiful.

In this case I will post both the complaints to the Public Complaints Commission, BC Law Society and Chief Judge of the Province and post the results in the hope the investigation will be less likely to be simply ignored.

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