Corrupt Justice In Canada

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Judge Walker 2

Judge Walker

1. Regarding Judge Walker and your refusal to investigate. I have not had the time to detail allegation by allegation and how each relates to violations of the Code of Judicial Ethics but perhaps we should look at the simple moral code of ignoring, facilitating crimes against humanity. Her egregious conduct in regards of suppressing evidence in regards to RCMP use of the taser.
2. We now have the RCMP in Prince George tasering children. We would not have this if we did not have the courts facilitating such egregious conduct by the RCMP. Conspiring with the RCMP and Crown to negate deaths due to tasering and torturing of citizens with the use of the taser.
3. It is not just my opinion but read the comments by former Justice Braidwood in commenting on the tasering of a child in Prince George last week. “Police should not investigate because it fails to address concerns of bias” Duh!!
4. Judge Walker participated in the tasering of this child by her blatant conduct in protecting the RCMP from being held accountable and having to answer in a court of law.
5. It is another example of revolting, disgusting and immoral behaviour of the Justice System by Justices themselves.

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