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Chief Judge

Office of the Chief Judge Attention Gene Jamieson of Behalf on the Chief Judge

1. I received your letter in response to my complaints against Judge Walker. I am on the road until the end of the week and will respond with more details over the weekend. However I did awaken early this morning and unable to sleep thinking about how bad our system of Justice is that it just wants to close its eyes to the brutality being imposed on some members of our society.

2. It is my understanding the Office of the Chief Judge finds no issue with Judge Walker stopping my questioning of a RCMP member bragging they can repeatedly taser an individual with no harm being done. Judge Walker knew the questioning was directly related to several taser deaths in Prince George and other parts of BC. She deliberately stopped the questioning as she had deliberately quashed my subpoena's to cover up RCMP brutality. You may find my version of Crimes Against Humanity amusing but try and see if from a member of your family or a loved one going through the following. These facts on based on the Coroners Hearing. Not the wild imagination of a chronic complainer of Police Brutality and Wrong Doing. Simply the facts.

3. One of your loved ones or yourself is not breaking the law but is in need of medical attention due to a temporary condition related to drug use or low sugar due to a diabetic condition. Could be a teenage daughter, son or for that matter your mother. No insult intended to your mother. Your mother who I have obviously never met or know maybe suffering from a diabetic episode and nothing to do with drugs but her behavior may be mistaken for drug related. Much like when the RCMP put a beating on myself. However in this case to prepare the individual they have picked up for transport to the hospital they perform the following as indicated in the coroners hearing.

4. They subdue the man with handcuffs and hogtie his legs to his hands against RCMP policy. While restrained and in the public view, they repeatedly while restrained punch and kick the individual. He is transported not immediately to the hospital but transported to the RCMP detachment for further preparation for medical attention. He is dragged face first down on the pavement or concrete into the detachment where while still restrained with handcuffs and hogtied he is set upon by multiple members of the RCMP who while sitting on top the individual in such a way he cannot breath he is repeatedly shocked with a taser until dead. Again he is a danger to no one being handcuffed and hog tied. There is no lawful reason to cut off the man's ability to breath and apply electric shock until death occurs.

5. Death would be slow, it would be terrifying. It would be no different than several large man sitting upon you and slowly applying pressure to your neck cutting off your air until death occurs. No different than showing your head in a barrel of water until death occurs. However in this case and I believe for their own amusement they add the added terror of shocking the man repeatedly while cutting off his ability to breath. Crimes against humanity is it really such a stretch. Is it not a wonder the RCMP refuse to release the video stating it would be a Breach of the dead man's Privacy. They set upon, they sit upon and cut off his ability to breathe, then they repeatedly shock for what they say is preparing a man for medical transport until dead but are concerned about his privacy?
This is the lunacy Judge Walker deliberately and desperately wanted to keep myself from the court record while questioning this member who clearly stated you can repeatedly taser any one without any harm being done.

6. It is clear evidence the fact that behavior by the RCMP that would be considered murder and torture in any civilized country is being covered up not only by Crown who condone such atrocities but by the courts themselves who deliberately cover up such atrocities and Crimes Against Humanity.

7. Now personally I would not want my Mother going through such an ordeal for failing to eat after taking insulin and having low blood sugar and acting a little crazy and drunk. I would not want this type of brutality being inflicted upon any one. Our soldiers fight and die in foreign lands to protect others in other countries against such brutality while our courts desperately try and sweep the brutality at home under the rug.

8. This is not the ranting of a mad man, there is plenty of documentary evidence besides my own experience of diabetics being jailed and brutalized. Of elderly diabetics being punched and beaten in hospital parking lots while experiencing a low sugar event. Of diabetics dying in drunk tanks from a lack of medical attention. Dying in a drunk tank without having a drop of alcohol in their system or unlawful drugs.

9. Why does this brutality continue? Because the RCMP, Crown, Courts and the Government work together to ensure it can continue. Government ensuring no Coroner hearing can find fault or blame.

10. The brutality would quickly come to an end if a group of sane, rational citizens could simply say. Hey you cannot restrain a man to the point he has no way of defending himself, then justify repeated physical beating, humiliating dragging about face down in the pavement, then having the most basic right of the ability to breath taken away while repeatedly tortured with electricity. You cannot put that to excited delirium. What person on this planet would not reach a state of excited delirium under such conditions?
When I am on trial for my views on the RCMP I think this issue is relevant and the court should not be swept under the rug and denying myself to make full answer and defense.

My questions to you simply on this issue alone is.

11. Is it the Chief Judge position when I repeatedly make an application in regards to my Charter Right to Make full answer and defense and that application is refused to be heard during trial. Is this a lawful and reasonable position to take in a democratic society. I want to bring evidence of Crimes Against Humanity going on in this city and my Charter rights are being denied to insure this evidence remains buried. Again Crown wanted to take me to task on this issue. They are the ones who wanted to challenge my view on the RCMP and now the Courts are binding myself hand and foot to make defence. And recently while being bound figuratively being bound hand and foot assaulted by the Judge literally by forcing myself to remain in the court while in a condition that could have resulted death.For no reasonable reason or expectation that forcing myself to remain in the court house had any outcome other then my possible having a heart attack or stroke.

12. Is it the Chief Judge position where a person is repeatedly denied to make an application regarding the Charter during a trial that there is no mechanism to have an application heard but again only after going through YEARS of a fraudulent trial then having to appeal. And no this is no exaggeration we have been at this for years at great expense bringing up a Judge 800 kilometers so she can repeatedly deny my right to full answer and defense.

13. Is it not a concern by the Chief Judge Office that Judges in BC are deliberately covering up Crimes against Humanity to both ensure it can continue and ensuring the defendants rights to make full answer and defense is routinely denied.

14. Are Judges really a throw back to the medieval days where they are responsible to no one but themselves for their behavior which includes the endangering the lives of defendants while in court.

15. It is outrageous that in a democratic country such as Canada the Courts go through such lengths to bury such monstrous behavior by its national police force. The proper word would be to CONSPIRE with the National Police Force to ensure such Monstrous atrocities can continue to occur against the citizens of Canada.

16. I will stop there and again over the weekend put together a concise list of questions in regards to my concerns.
Appeals are not the answer when blatant infringements of defendant's rights span years at trial. Again perhaps my complaints to the Human Rights Commission can better address that issue as the only answer so far at this office is pitiful.

17. Given my allegations of a conspiracy between the RCMP, Sheriff, Crown and the Court to deny due process and not only violate my Charter of Rights but to go as far as refuse to hear an application. Given my allegations of a conspiracy the RCMP, Crown, Courts and the Government of BC in regards to Crimes against Humanity it is my opinion the Chief Judge should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate rather than simply complain there is nothing our Justice System can or will do under these circumstances.

18. As before a copy of your response and a copy of this letter will be found at

Larry Le Francois

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