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Mayor of Prince George


Video shows my release by the RCMP and when I complain about money possibly being missing I am punched in the same area of my left arm that was severely damaged during my unlawful arrest earlier. While putting cuffs on a unresisting and compliant citizen the officer twisted my arm so badly I was thrown to the curb damaged the left shoulder and smashing my head on the curb. The RCMP repeatedly refused medical attention and confiscated all my medications from my home and brought them to lockup to basically taunt me with them. They also refused to release them to myself during the beat down. I was refused medical attention both by the RCMP and the City Workers in lock up.

The medication was only released after I unsuccessfully tried numerous times on my own to secure their release. Only with my wife as a witness did they finally release them back.

We have seen numerous examples of brutality by the RCMP in this city but only great praise from the Mayor of the City. The most violent city in Canada.

I will releasing many documents showing a deliberate policy of this city to hide crime, refusal to investigate crime and a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. Despite all this we still come out as the most violent city in Canada.

This of course does count in regards to the RCMP violence against it citizens.

Email to the City

Please be advised I am launching a human rights complaint against the Mayor of Prince George and its council in regards to repeated beatings by the RCMP and misconduct of its employees in the RCMP lock up.

I am a diabetic and repeatedly asked for medical attention in lock up after false arrest and unlawful confinement. The video shows my release and my beating on the arm the RCMP had previously that night severely injured during my arrest when I was clearly not resisting despite the arrest being unlawful.

The reason for the beating is I was concerned not of my money was being returned and the RCMP refusal to release my diabetic medication I needed that they had seized from my home. They in fact taunted myself with the medication and their refusal to give myself any medication or food during my incarceration. One officer does describe my condition as one might expect from one going into a diabetic coma. I have his report. The city employee was also repeated asked to call for medical help and I refused.
The video shows a city businessman being robbed and beaten by three armed thugs. I assume this money is to be used to build the new jail.

How much money has the city collected so far using these tactics?

It disgusts me women are being sexually assaulted by the RCMP, men are being tortured and some to death while confined by repeated tasering when the men are bound and no danger to themselves or others. It disgusts me the RCMP have nine members accused of forcing sex on minor girls and in their regular fashion deliberately delay the investigation until a year passes so they can walk on a loop hole in the RCMP act. All this and city continues to praise the conduct of the RCMP.I have had three daughters sexually assaulted by a RCMP member and I find the inaction by the mayor and city council revolting and disgusting. These members who beat me bragged about how no investigation can touch them They are protected. They are protected by corrupt revolting city officials governing the most violent city in Canada.
I have made many complaints to the RCMP and the City regarding violence the information is buried in an attempt to cover up the failings of the city and RCMP to do their duty and protect the citizens of this city. What they do in fact is fudge the numbers and even at that they still come out as the most violent in Canada.

This letter the video and all the evidence I have regarding RCMP and City misconduct can be viewed at

If the was a city in Mexico where the police routinely beat and sexually assault prisoners. Rob citizens. Deny medical attention. Taunt severely ill unlawfully arrested citizens with their own medication. Sexually assault their children. If thiswas Mexico or any other country the Foreign Affairs department would issue a travel warning. Perhaps after this goes to U-Tube along with documentation the rest of the world will issue a travel warning for this City. It is certainly not a safe place to have any large sporting or other event. We still handcuff and taser people for fun and excitement and this is considered not only just okay but not enough of a problem to warrant any discipline consideration or a even a wimper of a complaint from the city officials responsible for RCMP conduct.

Hence my upcoming complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal for the blatant disregard for human dignity and rights in this city.

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